In this upcoming FREE masterclass you will learn: 1. ) the one pattern your period app can't track and 2.) how to clearly see the CYCLE PATTERNS that spark your NATURAL BRILLIANCE and amplify your FEMININE POWER. Join today and get a 1:1 private cycle consult with MUSE.CYCLES Inventor & Creator, SHARA RAQS.

I'm an Inventor. And I'm an advocate for body & cycle literacy. I am not in the business of selling your information. And I'm not a marketer. Part of living a high creative lifestyle and dropping into deep work, means that I design experiences that allow for small, intimate and private conversations. I'm asking for your mobile because it's better than email and the conversations we are about to have about sex, power and cycles are as revelatory as they are TRANSFORMATIONAL. The information contained within our conversations is strictly for educational purposes. This messaging service is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of licensed professionals. This service is not meant to be used to plan or prevent pregnancy. If you wish to apply ideas contained herein, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. CARPE MENSES!